Connecticut Wedding Photographer – Wedding Photojournalism and Fine Art Portraits

Connecticut wedding photographer Sam Chyung offers beautiful wedding photojournalism and fine art contemporary portraits. His studio is located at the Arbor Arts Center in Hartford and he is available for location work throughout Connecticut (CT), New York (NY), Massachusetts (MA), and Rhode Island (RI).

Cherished Moments Captured Forever

We are so impressed by Sam’s images, work ethic, enthusiasm, demeanor, and results that we would highly recommend him to everyone we know. Thank you, Sam, from the bottom of our hearts, for all of your hard work. We look at our beautiful photographs every day with the happiest of memories!!! -Justina and Deffy
Thank you so much for taking the photographs at our wedding. You are truly an artist; somehow you turned a casual, small family event into a masterpiece to be cherished forever. You were flexible, considered our unique story and preferences, and captured our personalities both accurately and beautifully in your photos. Thank you so much for taking the time to make our photos perfect. -Cate and Kurtis
You did such an amazing job capturing the emotions of our day and we are so pleased with the images we got back from you. We also received comments from several people regarding how friendly and professional you were throughout the day. Thanks again for all of your hard work! -Gillian and Al


  • Silver Collection

    • mild retouching
    • online gallery
    • digital files
    • 7 hours
    • minimum of 250 images
  • Gold Collection

    • mild retouching
    • online gallery
    • digital files
    • 8 hours
    • minimum of 290 images
  • Platinum Collection

    • mild retouching
    • online gallery
    • digital files
    • 9 hours
    • minimum of 330 images

ADD-ON Engagement Session ~ $250

  • 1 hour portrait session
  • minimum of 30 images

Custom packages available ~ Contact me for details

Pricing does not include 6.35% Connecticut Sales Tax or shipping, if appropriate. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer an all-day/unlimited package?
The quick answer is no. On the surface, all-day coverage sounds like a great deal but I believe hourly is more cost effective. All-day packages already include the cost of 1 to 2 photographers for 10-14 hours. Unless your wedding is longer, you’re paying for hours you will never use.

Photographers are human. We get tired. Yet wedding photography requires total concentration. It’s only natural that the quality of images will slightly degrade as the hours go by. Toward the end of the evening, if the photographer has worked 10 or more hours, you can expect that your photographer will be very tired and that means less quality. And if I were the groom and I found out that my wedding photographer worked an all-day wedding the night before, I would wonder if I’m getting my money’s worth.

Do you use flash?
I use flash only when I have to, which is usually during the reception. My goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible so people can relax and enjoy your wedding. This way, I’m able to capture candids of people showing genuine emotions. If you’re looking for a paparazzi style shooter, then I’m not your guy. I know some clients are looking for a lot of party event type of images and that’s not what I do. Instead, my images tell a story and when pieced together into an album, turn moments into memories.

Are you insured?
Yes. As a professional photographer, I have full liability coverage for both my studio and location work, including weddings.

Are you the only shooter? Do you offer a second shooter?
I do not offer a second shooter and prefer to shoot alone. My goal is to capture real emotions and that’s hard to do when people are aware they’re being photographed.

Weddings are expensive enough without having to pay for things you don’t necessarily need. Here’s why a second photographer is a bad investment. The second shooter is either a photographer of equal skill to the first photographer, less skill, or no skill.

  • 1 skilled photographer + 1 equally skilled photographer – You are essentially paying double for what takes only 1 photographer to accomplish. Save your money unless you have a very large budget.
  • 1 skilled photographer + 1 amateur photographer – A highly skilled photographer will capture images that are worthy to print. An amateur photographer will not. I see message boards offering little to no money for a second shooter with little experience necessary in exchange for an opportunity to work a wedding.
  • 1 skilled photographer + 1 assistant – Some second shooters are just assistants who help carry the equipment or hold the flash. They may take a few photos during the day but their main job is to assist the main photographer.


Hello and welcome to my site. My name is Sam Chyung and I specialize in wedding photojournalism and fine art contemporary portraiture. In 2007, I began my photography career working with a modeling agency in Washington DC. The opportunity to shoot in a studio provided the controlled environment I needed to perfect my skills in lighting, composition, posing, and retouching. It was a great learning experience but after a year or so, my life began to feel too repetitious and I was yearning for some excitement.

Then in 2008, an acquaintance who really liked my work asked if I could photograph his wedding. I tried to explain how wedding photography required a different skill set than what I had but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. It was time for a crash course in wedding photography!

My online search led me to the art of wedding photojournalism, where talented photojournalists would use their editorial skills to pick up weekend gigs. They distinguished themselves from other wedding photographers by shooting with natural light. Instead of stiff looking portraits and party type snapshots, these photojournalists focused on telling the story. I had found a new direction for my photography and my life has never been the same!

Today, I’m proud to consider myself a documentary wedding photographer. I won’t go so far as to call myself a photojournalist since I’m not employed by a newspaper but my goal is the same, to capture real moments as they happen.

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